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In this blog we want to introduce ourselves to you. We want to tell who we are and why we think cycling is the best thing in the world!

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Onze nieuwe weg toertocht!

  • Zondag 9 juni 2024
  • 90/120/150km uitgepijlde route
  • De mooiste weggetjes en paden door Brabant
  • EARLY BIRDS: Cobbles summer jersey twv €69 cadeau
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Onze eigen winter gravel toertocht!

  • Zondag 3 maart 2024
  • 60/85km gravel in Brabant/Vlaanderen
  • Vuurkorven, trappistenbier & snert bij de finish
  • EARLY BIRDS: winterjack twv €69 cadeau
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Three friends

In the summer of 2014 we met for the first time. It was a meeting for the upcomping boardyear of the student cycling association in Tilburg: De Meet. Jef was there, a true enjoyer of life from the south of the Netherlands. He loves nothing more than tinkering with classic race bikes. There’s Robbert, a man with passion for racing. And then there’s me, new in Tilburg and a real mountain biker. We would be the new board of TSWV de Meet for 2014-2015. In this year we became good friends and our love for cycling grew even harder than it did before. I even bought my first road bike!


To be continued…

At the end of our year on the board we didn’t want it to be over. Jef already had some ideas about what we could do. Under the enjoyment of a craft beer in the sun he proposed we would start a company which revolves around cool cycling kits, something we all enjoy. After some brainstorming, Cobbles Cycling was created.

Cobbles Cycling

We all love cycling. We love the speed of racing, the mud of cyclocross and the trails in the woods of mountain biking. We enjoy a good dose of bikeporn. But most of all we love cool cycling brands and great cycling design. This is what we are all about at Cobbles. In our web shop we will offer cycling kits with unique designs from all around the globe: Australia, Korea, the United States, Poland, and more. All these brands have one thing in common: as we do, they appreciate quality, design and authenticity.

The feeling

We think that the feeling that riding gives you is one the most important things. Enjoying the landscape, coffee, cobbles, craft beers, the sun… and most of all: riding together! Amongst other things, this is what we are going to blog about. Also, guest writers are more than welcome!

Group rides

We would like to create a community, a feeling of togetherness. Therefore, everyone is more than welcome to come ride with us. So if you would like to join us or you have a cool route in mind, send us a message! Also, everyone is welcome on our (almost) monthly Gran Fondo ride.

Let’s ride soon!


Cobbles Cycling Robbert 4

Hij begon ooit op de mountainbike, maar uiteindelijk is daar ook een racefiets en een gravelbike bijgekomen. Daan maakt voor iedere rit een nieuwe route en is een rasechte toerder. Genieten staat voorop! Een biertje of een koffietje op het terras misstaat niet in Daans ideale rit.

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